CHASING 15 KOENIGSEGGS on My First Senna Road Trip!

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Πριν μήνα

It's the first big road trip with my McLaren Senna, to chase a convoy of 15 Koenigseggs in Switzerland! Departing from GerCollector's garage, we're taking 3 of the Shmeemobiles; including the BMW M8 and SLS Black Series too, on a 400km drive taking in the Autobahn, Swiss mountains, and finding the pack of Koenigseggs along the way!
I brought the McLaren Senna over from the UK to Germany a month ago in a trailer with the G63 ahead of this specific adventure and the plans over the coming days in the Swiss Alps. After a very fun, and very fast drive to dinner with the double-Sennas it's now time to depart from Munich towards Switzerland to join up with the Koenigseggs and Supercar Owners Circle.
Up to this point I've used the cars for plenty of fun things, but never taken it on a proper road trip given it is far from the most suited to that kind of driving, with bare minimal luggage space. However, the opportunity presents to do just this while joined by both BenzeneBen and Shmarc150 to pilot the other cars, also for our ongoing adventures taking us different ways after SOC. With a long 400km (250 mile) leg ahead of us, the journey takes us out of Munich and along the Autobahns towards Austria and ultimately Switzerland and a first stop in Andermatt.
Simultaneously, the Koenigsegg Ghost Squadron owners tour follows the same route, along with some guests, which fit together perfectly to also meet for some driving as a ridiculous group on the Oberalppass. In addition to 12 Eggs on the drive including two One:1s, the One of One, Regeras, Agera Rs and more, plus there's also a Huayra Roadster, Veyron, another Senna, F12 TDF, SVJ...! Upon arrival at the hotel after the drive, we're even presented with 3 more Koenigseggs including the new Gemera and the raw carbon Regera too.
As convoys go, this is at the top end of insane! Being back out on the roads with a few of the Shmeemobiles together, and then joining 20-odd hypercars in the Swiss Alps.
Thanks for watching, Tim

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Shmee150 Πριν μήνα
It's a Koenigsegg hunt in Switzerland during my first real road trip with the McLaren Senna Shmeemobile! On the road also with the SLS BS and M8, we're on the Autobahn to the Alps to find 20 hypercars on the mountain passes. What could be better?!
sekwanele sekwa
sekwanele sekwa Πριν 14 ημέρες
@Justin Scott mmmmm.,, bbbbbbb
Kigoz4Life Πριν 21 ημέρα
@Ville on oh lol my bad, truly sorry
Ville on
Ville on Πριν 21 ημέρα
@Kigoz4LifeYou miss read. It was 4500 v.s. 300 Not 450 vs 300. Quite a diffrence
Kigoz4Life Πριν 21 ημέρα
@Ville on thats just insane.. and what do u mean by 10 - 15 times of a normal ticket? so why did u bring up 450 euro compared to my 300 euro? ur lost
Ville on
Ville on Πριν 21 ημέρα
@Kigoz4Life No it's not. The fine is 10 to 15 times that of a "normal" ticket. Switzerland is not that expensive. In Finland fines are progressive and depend on your income. If you're a millionaire a speeding ticket can be ower 100grand. That takes the fun out of owning a Lamborghini 😬
John Hutton
John Hutton Πριν 3 ημέρες
I can't wait to see what Christian von Koenigsegg has in store for his new lineup of eggsegg,s in the next 5 to 10 years. Awesome video schmee150. Thank you.
Tequila Sunrise
Tequila Sunrise Πριν 14 ημέρες
12:29 hate to be that guy, but thst's actually the CCR, not the CCX
RidiPwn Πριν 20 ημέρες
17:16 Big test for the sunglasses reflecting off the 15 Koenigseggs
CJ Everette
CJ Everette Πριν 22 ημέρες
How tf am I just getting the notifications for this video 🤦🏽‍♂️🤦🏽‍♂️🤦🏽‍♂️ 1 month ago
550 _
550 _ Πριν 26 ημέρες
alright its official that you needs a koenigsegg, remember the special one that you almost bought? U must keep ur eyes at that very one car, if one day it hits the market, it is the car for you!
Damir Selimovic
Damir Selimovic Πριν 26 ημέρες
Hen u gonna get a egg shmee?
Shu Kurenai
Shu Kurenai Πριν 28 ημέρες
Im happy shmee filmed the journey to Switzerland its just satisfying to watch
Cyber Films
Cyber Films Πριν μήνα
I attended such a tour in the alps as a photographer before and I absolutely hated it!
Tor the tame badger
Tor the tame badger Πριν μήνα
Hey Tim! You can actually work out by looking at the fuel gauge on which side the filler cap is on. If there is not an arrow at the gauge, the a nhint is if the gauge are to the left or the right on the instrument cluster.
3D Designer
3D Designer Πριν μήνα
We don't want to run over the cyclists.. 4:11. Lolll Cyclist..- 🚲🚲🚲🚲🚲🚲
Xzylo is goated
Xzylo is goated Πριν μήνα
when do you see like more than 100 million dollars pass by you casually
Al Barber
Al Barber Πριν μήνα
This man represents car highlife to the fullest! Awesome!!
Jose R
Jose R Πριν μήνα
Spazik86 Πριν μήνα
You can have all the hypercars you want, but with Swiss speed limits, you can not fully use even VW Golf inthere... :D
jeevil Πριν μήνα
The SLS sounds mean af! I love me some AMG noise!
Sankofa NYC
Sankofa NYC Πριν μήνα
I loveee Shmee's Senna... So it's wild that the Koenigseggs kind of make it look like a toy or something 🤯😮
Scott Kelley
Scott Kelley Πριν μήνα
That's incredible!
Edos Wolf
Edos Wolf Πριν μήνα
Must be nice to inherit some millions or billions!
Syed Rehan Fida
Syed Rehan Fida Πριν μήνα
I'm so happy for you Shmee, to be able to do things that we dream of.
bruce chang
bruce chang Πριν μήνα
those cow are lucky as he**
Wesley Yao
Wesley Yao Πριν μήνα
Shmee always attend crazy car events throughout the world
Black Lighted
Black Lighted Πριν μήνα
Let's all agree here: SHMEE NEEDS EGG IN GARAGE!!!
Mr Le0
Mr Le0 Πριν μήνα
hey, what's the name of the pass?
Mr Le0
Mr Le0 Πριν μήνα
ah now I understood oberalp pass
Dmitrov Vladeski
Dmitrov Vladeski Πριν μήνα
Lucky man..
Dsman Πριν μήνα
Best Car Show and Event in 3 days. You see them move, you hear them (but can't drive them) Thank you Tim
eugene yz
eugene yz Πριν μήνα
Looks amazing
Chr Pie
Chr Pie Πριν μήνα
Geil...100 arrogante weiber und männer auf einem haufen.
Rez #44
Rez #44 Πριν μήνα
Advertising OFF
Hi Guys Im SCHMEEE Πριν μήνα
Just missing your cardigan buddy
Michal C
Michal C Πριν μήνα
Hello im Shmeeee...... RICH
Agustín Guglielmone
Agustín Guglielmone Πριν μήνα
First time Shmee says "cheers" but the video doesn't end 😂
Mario H
Mario H Πριν μήνα
Amazing content.
Daho_ Ho
Daho_ Ho Πριν μήνα
PROBABLY the most expensive convoy ever witnessed
Yeah guys lift your jaws now and hold em up cause this isn't the end of this dream tour.
Markrealypower Πριν μήνα
1st tme see senna on offroad :O
Travis Garnett
Travis Garnett Πριν μήνα
Kevin B.
Kevin B. Πριν μήνα
I'm from Munich, and I fainted when the SLS accelerated exactly into the non-flashing speed camera in that tunnel. Would be a great, but expensive picture of the two cars.
Grumpy ol' Boot
Grumpy ol' Boot Πριν μήνα
Not gonna lie, I kinda wanted to see more of the tractor. 😁
Peter D'Avola
Peter D'Avola Πριν μήνα
I read the title as "Crashing 15 Koenigseggs."
Caril Candus
Caril Candus Πριν μήνα
That volcano orgenge senna look wicked!!
Caril Candus
Caril Candus Πριν μήνα
So many monks
Alex M
Alex M Πριν μήνα
What is the most expensive car in this garage?
Claudiu K.
Claudiu K. Πριν μήνα
Did you get any blitz on the Autobahn?
Claudiu K.
Claudiu K. Πριν μήνα
you should have filmed more the line, I was just coming with my mk5 gti, which is worth the equivalent of a Regera wheel, haha
Steve Hines
Steve Hines Πριν μήνα
I’d love to see a Bugatti Veyron Shmee Mobile
Azizur93 Πριν μήνα
Tim you are living the dream 👍
Azizur93 Πριν μήνα
Tim you are living the dream 👍
Mr. Gentlemen
Mr. Gentlemen Πριν μήνα
Iron Fan
Iron Fan Πριν μήνα
Sigh. One day Schmeebees will be in his own Koenigsegg in a line of them. I cannot wait. :>
Potato Corner
Potato Corner Πριν μήνα
HI Shmee, just one quick suggestion for your next shmeemobile. Can it be a Lexus LFA?
Linus Schätz
Linus Schätz Πριν μήνα
Shoutout to Puppi150 for being a great filmer.
AlexTenZ Πριν μήνα
We must like this !
jj Πριν μήνα
My Mobylette will destroy you all on the Autobahn.😆
SRSpoony Πριν μήνα
shit if i had known you was here @Shmee150 i would have brought out the big boy bikes to play not that far from my house
Deserter Πριν μήνα
Seems like fun to go down a hill with like 50km/h in a 1million 800hp hypercar :D
BOLOYOO Πριν μήνα
Excitedly enumerating all those amazing Koenigseggs, then the casual "Veyron": D
My Kara
My Kara Πριν μήνα
Shmee needs to have a CGT and TDF
Zachary Farmer
Zachary Farmer Πριν μήνα
Ben is back lol
Live Life Lasting
Live Life Lasting Πριν μήνα
Richard Soogrim
Richard Soogrim Πριν μήνα
Jason Korman
Jason Korman Πριν μήνα
When I heard the gravel I almost died
Nishad Bobate
Nishad Bobate Πριν μήνα
It is a hyper car insanity 🤩😈
Don DoDat
Don DoDat Πριν μήνα
You can’t chase that car with your senna. You might be able to chase a turbo s. No, don’t think so either. Get a real good car please. English car???? Are you f kidding me ??
Mr AD Tech
Mr AD Tech Πριν μήνα
Is that whole garage yours
Alipen Πριν μήνα
But a novitec exhaust on your senna shmee
BugattiMan Πριν μήνα
I love those Regera’s!
Galvis. Πριν μήνα
888MF Πριν μήνα
very cool
puia hnamte
puia hnamte Πριν μήνα
senna neeads an exhaust
Bob Mothes
Bob Mothes Πριν μήνα
How does he afford all of these cars
Keith Huggins
Keith Huggins Πριν μήνα
Someone shows up in a GT3 or 720s and the organizers are like, "Ugh, get out of here with that pedestrian car."
Divine Drift
Divine Drift Πριν μήνα
11:07 I bet that place looks amazing in the winter.
autoglas centrum
autoglas centrum Πριν μήνα
Nice to see some hills / mountains as a Dutchman
Loki Morningstar
Loki Morningstar Πριν μήνα
Flashback: Big truck and the Senna. Didn't know I was still scarred by that event, but the Koenigseggs... Ahhh!
Stefan rhys
Stefan rhys Πριν μήνα
I mean I’ve done this before , not that uncommon ... on forza horizon 4 😅 Man what an occasion this is in reality!
mkm282 Πριν μήνα
The cars, the views, the drive, the whole roadtrip... Frkn hell I'm drooling over here this is absolutely overwhelming
Blabla Blubblub
Blabla Blubblub Πριν μήνα
in münchen läuft
luca anonym
luca anonym Πριν μήνα
Lol i live there at the german boarder
Dean Apoussidis
Dean Apoussidis Πριν μήνα
This vid is absolutely CHAOS. ❤️
chinatype Πριν μήνα
Awesome videos from Tim lately but the timing of the ads are slightly annoying 😬
Gozilla Πριν μήνα
Just another day in the life of Shmee
Jens Vielmann
Jens Vielmann Πριν μήνα
There are some eggs rolling down the mountain... the easter-bunny must have been confused. :D
Kye JT-R
Kye JT-R Πριν μήνα
well, this is what we can find in tax heaven, isn't it?
Jeremiah Muchangi
Jeremiah Muchangi Πριν μήνα
So unreal. Epic content!!!
mikael svensson
mikael svensson Πριν μήνα
Crazy on another level!!
John RS
John RS Πριν μήνα
Only in Shmee's world does a dozen eggs not look like 🥚🥚🥚🥚🥚🥚🥚🥚🥚🥚🥚🥚😎. But seriously nice to see you out on road trips again Tim.👍
onkedilz198 Πριν μήνα
That SLS is a master piece
Toussant l bisso
Toussant l bisso Πριν μήνα
Es ist 🏁
Carl Saint
Carl Saint Πριν μήνα
When an F12 TdF hardly gets a mention you know your in an epic lineup!
textmachine09 Πριν μήνα
I volunteer as a driver when you take multiple cars on a road trip.
1 2
1 2 Πριν μήνα
Time you get an egg. Enough Mercedes and McLarens 😂
Lambo Dame
Lambo Dame Πριν μήνα
Gr8 Vid Bro 💪🏾
Raschid Πριν μήνα
Wenn du bemerkst das SHMEE einfach beim Mittleren Ring und bei dir zuhause vorbei gefahren ist und du ihn nicht gesehen sad
Vyt Bbb
Vyt Bbb Πριν μήνα
i guess for the mountain roads senna is not the most enjoyable thing to drive...
Ponti Money
Ponti Money Πριν μήνα
One of One is what he said
Timothy Elison
Timothy Elison Πριν μήνα
15:52 that is the One:1 Chassis Number 107 (If i'm not mistaken the first production One:1), which is the one that crashed in Nurburgring, its being rebuild with full KNC
Pineapple Πριν μήνα
Time to get a koenigsegg?
GoPro carvideos
GoPro carvideos Πριν μήνα
faule katze
faule katze Πριν μήνα
I remembered why I don't really watch your videos. Your audio quality is horrific.
Alan attack
Alan attack Πριν μήνα
Real life Forza.
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