Porsche GT2 RS MR My Fastest Nurburgring Lap EVER - I'M SPEECHLESS!

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Πριν 4 μήνες

The Porsche GT2 RS MR is the fastest road car on the Nürburgring Nordschleife, and my experience of a hot lap tells me exactly why! Blasting from bridge to gantry in a mere 6:55.5 with Tim Morley at the wheel of Robert Mitchell's Manthey Racing Porsche, it's quite something to behold.
During the Manthey Racing Trackday hosted on the Green Hell we are surrounded by incredible Porsches of all descriptions but arguably none more special than the Ring's record holder in the form of a few GT2 RS MRs dotted around, one of which belongs to my friend, Robert Mitchell.
To get an understanding of what exactly this car is, and how it set a full laptime record of 6:40.3, Robert takes a break from his new GRpost channel to show us around and explain through the host of track time focused modifications that Manthey Racing have made to it. From there on though it's into the passenger seat with Tim Morley at the wheel to be shown what it's made of. Tim has covered thousands of Ring laps, including running as a taxi driver, and many at the wheel of this car and as such knows a thing or two. The car itself has pounded round in excess of 500 times and even on this lap it's smooth, comfortable, not bouncing off kerbs but proving a point that this is a serious force to be reckoned with.
Without any shadow of a doubt, it's the fastest lap I've ever experienced at the Nurburgring Nordschleife, and a huge thanks goes to Robert, Tim and the team at Manthey for this opportunity.
Robert's GRpost channel and more of his Ring antics can be found here:
And of course the wizard at the wheel, Tim Morely:
Thanks for watching, Tim

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Shmee150 Πριν 4 μήνες
WOW! What an unbelievable experience, the Porsche GT2 RS MR is the fastest car at the Nürburgring Nordschleife for good reason. Jumping onboard Robert Mitchell's car with Tim Morley at the wheel, it's a mere 6 mins 55 secs from bridge to gantry in the ride of my life. Skip to 9:32 for the track lap!
Dude On Bike
Dude On Bike Πριν μήνα
Thanks y'all for chiming in, but you didn't really answer the question. 80, 90, or 100 kg is really beside the point... I'm assuming the driver notices the additional weight/mass of the passenger, but I'd like to hear from a seasoned driver to confirm or deny this assertion. Thanks.
Dude On Bike
Dude On Bike Πριν μήνα
I'm assuming a driver of this caliber can feel the extra mass of having a passenger onboard. I'd be curious to know how obvious this is and his impressions of how it affects the car's dynamics. Or am I expecting too much? Naw, 80 kg of extra weight will DEFINITELY be noticed by a top driver. Also (edit), what was Tim driving at? 7/10? 8/10? 9/10? I assume he wasn't near his or the car's limit with you as a passenger. That said, he was using most of the tires' traction in many places! Good lap!
Molanda Moseley of the FBI
Molanda Moseley of the FBI Πριν 2 μήνες
How much does it cost to get taken on a lap in one em beasts?
Ravalle Window Cleaning Services
Ravalle Window Cleaning Services Πριν 2 μήνες
Out of interest what time have you done round the track in your Senna?
Andrew Adam
Andrew Adam Πριν 2 μήνες
Who are the few weirdos who didn't like this video?
HiddenWen Πριν 19 ώρες
11:15 Bird poop has never hit a faster car.
Oo. :ll: Pee.
Oo. :ll: Pee. Πριν 4 ημέρες
This has to be one of the fastest passenger laps ever! Anyone know, if there is any faster than this?
jack902902 Πριν 4 ημέρες
I wonder how much they would have to charge to give people lap tours.
Convisis Πριν 4 ημέρες
11:17 RIP
Roy Πριν 5 ημέρες
Top of his game 👏 sensational driver that knows the track and car!! WOWSA that was incredible to watch 👍👍
Justin Percival Ebanks
Justin Percival Ebanks Πριν 5 ημέρες
Love how he's racing in shorts,LEGENDARY
Bayram Odeberdiyev
Bayram Odeberdiyev Πριν 6 ημέρες
At the end, porsche is just sitting there like nothing happened. Ready to go whenever you are.. just another day for porsche. Amazing piece of engineering.
Jay DKB Games
Jay DKB Games Πριν 11 ημέρες
That’s insane, when can I do it:)
George Gagishvili
George Gagishvili Πριν 11 ημέρες
WOOOOOW... I think all car lovers should experience that BALLISTIC TAXI... I'm starting to plan :))))))))
Epitome Πριν 11 ημέρες
I wish I could drive the Nurburgring in this magnificent car. WISH !
David Lovett
David Lovett Πριν 16 ημέρες
The Porsche is just an amazing car, even with all the more powerful & exotic stuff out there, it is just so fluid & effortless. Of course, Amazing driver for sure😁!!!
demon hays
demon hays Πριν 19 ημέρες
Watching him lose cars in the rear view is awesome
Divine Drift
Divine Drift Πριν 20 ημέρες
What do you mean, "my fastest lap" bro you didn't even drive, once. Get some damn seat time you knob.
Michael Merrithew
Michael Merrithew Πριν 21 ημέρα
Such a skilled driver....”respect”. And love the thumbs up and high sign along the way.....no curbs...and a track with such potential peril. Bravo and “respect”
Wax_Phantom Πριν 22 ημέρες
fuking Porsche dealers, GT's are limited production cars, look how many they are.
David Freeman
David Freeman Πριν 22 ημέρες
This has to be one of my favourite clips you have done
NiCoOo Πριν 22 ημέρες
even faster than what I achieved in raceroom with gt2 class cars 6.56
mayorofthenonsense Πριν 23 ημέρες
Tickle tickle..
dany villon
dany villon Πριν 23 ημέρες
when you're able to push these cars to the max is such a joy! great video and greetings from CA.
SmartfoolGB Πριν 24 ημέρες
That was thrilling to watch. Lucky guy.
SmartfoolGB Πριν 24 ημέρες
7:02 leaking expansion tank🤔
No Name
No Name Πριν 24 ημέρες
The GT2 RS is the thing that created god before he made humans
Daniel Quintana
Daniel Quintana Πριν 25 ημέρες
P B Πριν 26 ημέρες
4/5 s from tyres. More again if he actually used the kerbs I'd think!
numbereightyseven Πριν 26 ημέρες
Now THAT'S the best viewpoint - with the "rear vision mirror" POV at the top.
jundi zhao
jundi zhao Πριν 27 ημέρες
I have a question, what is the total price to hire this level pro diver + car rent fee? I want to have some under 7 mins fun~
Mark J
Mark J Πριν 28 ημέρες
The most amazing thing is how he's passing these other GT cars like they're VW Golfs
Loki Πριν 29 ημέρες
some serious driving in this video and what a car.
alamos8 Πριν μήνα
Wow wow wow, that was a 6:55 BTG like nothing, with a passenger!!!
James Greco
James Greco Πριν μήνα
What a superb driver 👍
Lemmi Πριν μήνα
Peter Dineley
Peter Dineley Πριν μήνα
Well done Tim, great to see a big smile all the way through. Your Senna lap was excellent too, but you can see how much further you'd have to go to get near Tim! but then he's done 1000's of laps of the ring
docteurlambda Πριν μήνα
1dkadka Πριν μήνα
Porsche that’s it that’s all
Fat Boy LEMC
Fat Boy LEMC Πριν μήνα
My goodness, that was compelling viewing! I must remember to breathe when watching next time.😂
Rodrigo Martins
Rodrigo Martins Πριν μήνα
Do POV next time!!
Gorilla Jones
Gorilla Jones Πριν μήνα
There Is No Substitutes...
jsa310 Πριν μήνα
“ This is mental” - what’s mental, is not wearing a HANS device when the belts are designed for one.
Dude On Bike
Dude On Bike Πριν μήνα
Given the obsession with aerodynamics and downforce, it's kinda funny to see the red webbing hanging off the tow hook. You know there are things called carabiners you could use to quickly connect them in case of need. The 99.99% of the time they're unneeded, they could be stowed away, out of the wind!
Simba Damus
Simba Damus Πριν μήνα
Just came from your McLaren video to watch this run
Stefan P.
Stefan P. Πριν μήνα
Amazing. And I drove in Assetto Corsa which is a simulator. And this is real life and the balls of that driver. No drama no nothing. 6:55 amazing time. Sub seven.
Klaus Vokiee
Klaus Vokiee Πριν μήνα
Tim Morley !! It is OVERTAKE ON THE LEFT ONLY ! I know that car was holding You up but , You must be American ,lol !
Schumifannr Eins
Schumifannr Eins Πριν μήνα
On track days this (Touristenfahrten) rule does not apply. The car indicated left, so Tim could pass on the right.
TheSpragz Πριν 2 μήνες
That camera swaying makes me feel sick
Matt Gaetz
Matt Gaetz Πριν 2 μήνες
Listening to this guy's narration makes me want to vomit
Yours Truly
Yours Truly Πριν 2 μήνες
I'd sell my soul to have that same experience with same driver and car!
Alan attack
Alan attack Πριν 2 μήνες
I would be swearing my head off...Tim's like "Goodness me !"...hahaha
AG Olea
AG Olea Πριν 2 μήνες
I have to give Schmee credit, I think he did better than I would have. You could sense once he stopped talking, he was focusing on trying to maintain his composure and keeping whatever lunch he had in his stomach!:-) A great video of a fast ride around the course!
adam weltz
adam weltz Πριν 2 μήνες
@11:50 "I saw you go for the break pedal there." LOL Most of us would be doing the same...
Jason Palmer
Jason Palmer Πριν 2 μήνες
God damn that was just unbelievable to experience that you are very lucky but your face is a picture true enjoyment. Just amazing.
Mark Brown
Mark Brown Πριν 2 μήνες
Effortless. Amazing to see such skill and an awesome car as one.
Kevin Giroux
Kevin Giroux Πριν 2 μήνες
The driver is incredible
munnypoltric Πριν 2 μήνες
Moto X
Moto X Πριν 2 μήνες
In car camera makes it look slow, rear does not
mazlan mahatir
mazlan mahatir Πριν 2 μήνες
3:04 when someone dont want to tell you the secret 😂
neil gordon
neil gordon Πριν 2 μήνες
Passing the gt3's like they are bicycles my word what a drive
Sovereign Agent
Sovereign Agent Πριν 2 μήνες
Speechless Schmee:) Cool run!!!
fyhfb ass
fyhfb ass Πριν 2 μήνες
In what ways is timing banned on the other taxi rides? Can they stop you from using a chronograph watch like that Daytona. Or stop you from filming? You can get the time from the footage.
Alfred Simfukwe
Alfred Simfukwe Πριν 2 μήνες
That wing 🔥
mitttube Πριν 2 μήνες
"hi guys im SCHMEEeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee" -- can I ask what a schmee is?
Schumifannr Eins
Schumifannr Eins Πριν μήνα
Simply his teenage internet nickname.
Joe Magnets
Joe Magnets Πριν 2 μήνες
Hey Shmee, it would be really interesting to se the tach and the speedometer.
DrewMac Πριν 2 μήνες
There's something really charming about two car nerds just really geeking out over an amazing car like this. Great video.
Nitesh Vavhal
Nitesh Vavhal Πριν 2 μήνες
Hii guys i am shmee sound funny
MrSporty Πριν 2 μήνες
Why did Tim not use the curbs? To save the car from the stress? Or what's the reason?
Daniel Lewis
Daniel Lewis Πριν 2 μήνες
I’ve been on board with Tim Morley in the Team Schirmer M3 - hands down the best experience on track! Amazing skill and knowledge! Awesome video Tim
Nicholas Chen
Nicholas Chen Πριν 2 μήνες
There's a Tim on the driver seat and also a Tim on the passenger seat .
Daniel Guzman
Daniel Guzman Πριν 2 μήνες
First I forwarded the video all the way to the lap experience but when I saw the lap time I had to re-start the video to know what da F. That car had
D Perez
D Perez Πριν 2 μήνες
Such a good driver! makes watching Shmee in his Senna almost seem slow! Wow.
flamezilla Πριν 2 μήνες
Shmee was so focused that he stopped speaking and the driver had to ask if he is okay every now and then lol
KingBossQuad Πριν 2 μήνες
we need some heads up Mate. speed, G-force, placement on track...etc.
KingBossQuad Πριν 2 μήνες
this man can drive.
J leachy
J leachy Πριν 2 μήνες
The LEVELS of that driver🤐🤫🙆🏾‍♂️🤦🏾‍♂️👏🏾👌🏾! I hope Shmee had his brown pants on!!! I thoroughly enjoyed this video!!
Darryl Walsh
Darryl Walsh Πριν 2 μήνες
Seat not seed sorry typo excuse me pardon me
Darryl Walsh
Darryl Walsh Πριν 2 μήνες
I do think you're 675lt is the sweetest ride you have though
Darryl Walsh
Darryl Walsh Πριν 2 μήνες
Shmee I've been at 155 miles an hour and it shook my shoes but I was in a modified Datsun 260Z I'm back roads you're in a super duper car RaceTrac it should fit into your seed which it has and you should get a Porsche again
Darryl Walsh
Darryl Walsh Πριν 2 μήνες
Shmee I like your coverage of cars in your knowledge in your experience but when you got rid of your Porsche I kind of stopped watching your blog
Emil Laihanen
Emil Laihanen Πριν 2 μήνες
11:15 a bird shat on the windscreen😅
trashrogue Πριν 2 μήνες
holy fuck 6:55? my best lap was 7:30 on a 2001 zx6r
Armin H.
Armin H. Πριν 2 μήνες
Who uses curbs? :-P This sheer amount of grip!
Callyn Fisher
Callyn Fisher Πριν 2 μήνες
That porsche 9t2 was apsoloply faster now that's what I talking about😊🙂
kanervatie Πριν 2 μήνες
I got goosebumps watching this.
Robert Delgado
Robert Delgado Πριν 2 μήνες
ITS LIKE THE PORSHE WAS MADE FOR THAT TRACK, WHAT A RIDE !! 👍🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸
Bijan Izadi
Bijan Izadi Πριν 2 μήνες
And you can tell this man can go even faster too...
Malcolm Hardwick
Malcolm Hardwick Πριν 2 μήνες
I think his thoughts are still catching up with him !
Gregorio E
Gregorio E Πριν 2 μήνες
Bring that driver to your senna !!!!!
Richard Petty
Richard Petty Πριν 2 μήνες
Is Tim now going to buy a GT2RS MR??
Grga Gabric
Grga Gabric Πριν 2 μήνες
11:14 RIP
Jabber 1974
Jabber 1974 Πριν 2 μήνες
Fantastic car but like all 911 it’s difficult to get excited by it.
A Mo
A Mo Πριν 2 μήνες
That's how you drive around Nurburgring
john g
john g Πριν 2 μήνες
I thought Tim drove round quite fast,then I watched this,wow.
Dale Ahrens
Dale Ahrens Πριν 2 μήνες
Just an unbelievable look with a holy shit grin most of that lap!!! Kick ass!!
Ryan Nolan
Ryan Nolan Πριν 2 μήνες
Simply amazing 👏
Jeremiah Cole
Jeremiah Cole Πριν 2 μήνες
The dude can drive...i give him that
Bobby Baggs
Bobby Baggs Πριν 2 μήνες
Tim I love all your content but if you were to move to Germany and just do Nurburgring content I would be just as pleased. You can never get enough of this iconic track. Cheers!
Muchona Lish Situmbeko
Muchona Lish Situmbeko Πριν 2 μήνες
Shmee: "Tim is a pretty capable pilot" Me in my Head: "Isn't Shmee's real name Tim?"
RatRaceProducing Πριν 2 μήνες
Mind struggling to process that eh shmee. I bet it was surreal
RatRaceProducing Πριν 2 μήνες
..... My god that car and driver are exceptional.......
pump that shit
pump that shit Πριν 2 μήνες
"shmeeeeeee" that sounds so aweful, nice video as always! gt2 rs is a monster
Motorola44 Rapid
Motorola44 Rapid Πριν 2 μήνες
I've never seen anything go that fast in the second carousel. Godspeed
Clint Logue
Clint Logue Πριν 2 μήνες
That was unbelievable! You are a lucky man!
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